3 ways to manage a Lupus butterfly rash

A lupus butterfly rash can be painful, uncomfortable, and embarrassing at times to many. So what can we do about a lupus butterfly rash? Keep reading for 3 quick tips that help me keep my lupus butterfly rash in check!

Learn your triggers

I started by keeping a tally of everything I had control of in my life like my diet, element exposure, exercise, stress level, etc. Quickly I saw patterns starting to form when my butterfly rash was coming out. I made free printables to help track flares. Check out our Resource Library to get a free copy. The easiest triggers to cross off are the known ones like element exposure (sun, cold). It was the hidden triggers like managing my emotions and stress that were flaring up my rash.

Manage the triggers you can

Now that you know what your triggers are you have already finished half the battle. I continued using my flare trackers during this phase of trial and error. I played around with my diet, and ultimately switched to a paleo diet. Check out our post on Why I chose a paleo diet to heal my Autoimmune diseases.

Navigate and adapt

Once you learn what helps you manage your triggers it becomes a game of staying consistent. In my experience at least.

If you want to learn more about all the things I have done to manage my lupus butterfly rashes including products i use, hack, tips and tricks click on the links below to be taken to our site! Below I will link some of our other lupus related post to get you started!

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Autoimmune Pill is a lifestyle blog for people with Autoimmune diseases. We focusing on sharing lifestyle hacks that make life with chronic illness easier, looking into natural remedies, and clean eating. We also provide free resources to help make the switch to a healthier lifestyle easier. We offer meal planning printables, symptom trackers, etc. All can be found in our Resource Library

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